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I like to describe my entire life all you can eat buffets. A number of the primary classes include working as a celebrity trainer, electronic circuit designer, developer, therapist and instructor. Appetizers include a diverse collection of skills by writing books, ebooks, school classes, and assorted digital media endeavors to playing and writing guitar music that is an eclectic mixture of digital dubstep and fingerstyle. Desserts include making numerous presentations, instructional videos and faculty courses. Hey, it took me awhile to figure out what once I grew up, I needed to do.

Presently I teach impossible faculty courses in Anatomy and Physiology and totally love it. My passion for teaching has triggered an interest in writing both literary and fiction, making texts, ebooks and classes that help pupils to understand as easily as you can.

My first book: The X-Cure (Open Publications Bar.) Is currently available.

My initial non-fiction book, Unlocking the Healing Code, introduces an underlying unified concept of healing that combines all recovery methods.

An Easy Guide to Learning Anatomy and Physiology presents an approach that I have used in my courses to help pupils learn A&P.

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