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I began as a co-op with IBM in Austin back in this industry. I combined IBM time also also spent with them. I later made to join a startup, and ultimately started my own company where I concentrate on helping customers build software with technology that were lightweight.

I have been writing technical books for over 10 years now, with all the last 7 arriving since 2000. I write for the love of the art.

Others have informed me that my fundamental strength as an author is the capability to rapidly comprehend emerging trends. I do often find emerging frameworks just because they become popular, and that ability is really a mixed blessing that--coupled with my complete lack of political tact--puts me in trouble sometimes, because it did with Bitter Java (Java is too hard), Beyond Java (Java is not going to continue forever), and most recently, From Java to Ruby: Things Every Manager should Know (there's a much better language for a number of issues, but our supervisors do not know it yet.)

My promise to you is that: I shall always want to find better ways to accomplish that, and can work hard to inform you the truth, without regard for any idea of political correctness. Thank you for reading.

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