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Designed by a mother; night-time toileting Injuries no More a headache


I always consider this section to find out what kind of person is selling me something. Are you currently a 'man'? Can I expect them to send what they say?

Well, this is about mepersonally, Diane Hurford, founder of Brolly Sheets.

I grew up in New Zealand and also spent several years traveling the world, including two years in lovely Washington DC.

I came up with the idea of a Brolly Sheet waterproof mattress pay if my daughter Mia beginning toilet prep and slept in a bunk bed. Each time there was a 'little accident' I had to have up Mia so that I could remove of the bedding and remake the bed. I would hit my head on the top bunk and I soon determined there had to be a approach to get the household back to sleep whenever possible. Something not too pricey and not too complicated for a bed change that is 2am.

I created the Brolly Sheet mattress protector which my kids could sleep on. It is quick to pull off and replace with another, seconds rather than minutes. At 2am which makes a enormous difference. Gone would be the days of remaking and eliminating the whole bed. Gone were the bruises from bumping my mind!

I realised kids aren't the only ones who would rather sleep on comfortable cotton as opposed to crinkly plastic, and that I made Brolly Sheets absorbent enough for adults to work with.

After five years in England, Australia and New Zealand, I'm happy that Brolly Sheets are now available from Canada and the USA. I hope that they help you have a simpler night, since they've done for over 40,000 others.

So that is me. A mother of two. A person.

Diane Hurford, Creator, Brolly Sheets

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