Aero-Tech Light Bulb Co. is the expert with 29 years' experience with Manufacturing and Distributing the Long Life 20,000 Hours Rough Service Incandescent Light Bulb.   The less time and money spent on lights bulbs the better. Aero-Tech Light Bulbs would be the brightest idea in lighting bulbs since the days of Thomas Edison. Not a single break-through, but THREE: 1) Extra durable filament, two) Extra protection against vibration, 3) Additional strength to absorb voltage surges. 26 times the life of ordinary bulbs saving labor & replacement costs. Brass base eliminates rust and prevents base from sticking from the socket. 5 support cables help provide long life with superior resistance to shock and vibration. Special rare Krypton gas combination decreases heat and prolongs filament life. 150-watt BR-38 20,000 hour long life incandescendant flood light bulb.

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