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In Buddy Fruits we want to consider ourselves as a pleasure, little family start-up that's curiously passionate about fruit, very honest about the products we create and seriously appreciate what we do! From day 1, that the mission of our founders is to make eating fruits easier. We began digging! We are on a quest to make it easier for you and your family to eat more fruit. So far, we have helped our buddies the same as you all around the world eat more fruit and we are not quitting!

Buddy Fruits are tasty and handy 100% fruit snacks perfect for people who are ever looking for healthier alternatives for them and their families. Our products are made with the best quality vegetables and nothing else!

  • Originals: It all started using our Originals. 100 percent pure blended fruit and nothing else- we like to consider it as, simple but particular--less ingredients, more deliciousness! After all, very first (or original) impressions matter most!

  • Veggies: '  Young children' taste buds need a little incentive when it comes to veggies, therefore occasionally we ask for just a little help from our family members. That's the reason why we paired the juiciest fruits and sweetest veggies to think of a flavor the children are going to love!

  • Fruit Tubes: The newest addition to our Buddy Fruits lineup. Simply pure mixed fruit in a tube - nothing else!

Buddy Fruits has 7 products available for sale in the category of Grocery & Gourmet Food.

Buddy Fruits is rated 8 out of 10 based on 390 reviews.

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