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Our legacy is to create another generation of riders, adventurers and explorers since where we direct them is where our journey starts. Along the way, we learn to see the street, and we find that each and every turn has a story. We find that hills construct greater than musclebuilding, they also build character, and the deeper we dig, the higher we can grow. We realize that each trip we carry, takes us, and what we pick up along the way defines who we are. We see that the experiences we gain along with the passions we discuss become our legacy, so we lead by example. We raise our flag and try to live better lives. We understand from the past we and proudly protect the long run. On every street, we hunt experience and down each trail we find our place on earth. Outside there are no walls without any limits, thus we learn to reach farther than we ever believed possible. From day to day and generation to generation, the journey never ends and also the memories stay as the story unfolds.

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