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DeAnna Ortiz Brandt has been born and raised in Minnesota. Her husband and she moved in the woods and there raised a myriad of equally pets along with two sons. Several weimaraners have been companions over their 35 years of marriage.

For several years, her husband could take the kids on a yearly "guys" kayak camping trip in the BWCAW of northern Minnesota as well as different men and their sons they fully enjoyed and looked forward to every year.

She wanted to raise her boys with a appreciation of the world around them so, beginning when the boys were 3 and an infant, daily nature hikes with a convenient red wagon because their "pack mule" to haul water, food, fascinating finds and eventually tired kids, were regular.

It was during one of those trips the 3 year old flipped over a lifeless log and found many trendy bugs, snails, and a nearby turtle shell, which direct him to state, "mother, we ought to write this down!" .

De could not locate any child's nature journals at the bookstores, so, as they say, "Necessity is the Mother of Invention"! With her background in graphic design, she began work on what's the "Nature Log Kids" journal.

Currently she enjoys being a fiber artist, woodworker, silversmith and attempting various other artistic mediums and approaches.

Practically empty nesters, her and her husband like skiing, hiking, biking, walking, fly fishing, archery, and other outdoor sports in both Minnesota and in Big Sky, MT, were they had a cottage for 14 decades.

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