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C. A. (Carol Ann) Newsome writes about the Lia Anderson Dog Park Mysteries, a set of enjoyable, intimate suspense/mystery books which are inspired by and focused about her mornings in the Mount Airy Dog Park with her trio of rescues (rowdy hooligans).

A life-long fan of fiction, Carol turned to books and audiobooks throughout her decade-long retrieval from a head injury that happened when she and her motorcycle were struck by a vehicle. Years of immersing herself lead into wondering if she could really write it, and imagining the book she wished to see.

She is also an artist with an M.F.A. in the University of Cincinnati. You’ll see pictures of a few of her favorite friends. She enjoys producing artworks that are public that are community-based. As an artist, she is famous for her New Leaf Global Good-Will Guerrilla Art Project.

Her other interests include astrology, raw food along with all forms of psychic phenomena. She likes to sing to her puppies. The puppies areto.

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