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Adhering to that fire and dream thing so common to Baby Boomers, I’t finally conquer the freezing dread of turning into a writer. I’ve ever managed to do it in little baby steps. First I began a publishing company, Wormhole Electric. I then enlisted the aid of eight writers so we can publish three stories every month. That included me and my comic bits. We predict them Science Fiction Fantasy Transports and now I’m one of those articles editors. It's an absolutely fantastic experience being surrounded by innovative, word smart individuals.

However, I wasn’t even completely pleased with the comic writing, so I started doing that which I really love – researching to fulfill my own curiosity. I’ve always liked researching and presenting the information in one manner or the other for others. That led me into the Estrogen Project, because it's known around here.

What I found out was that estrogen and menopause are touchy subjects for my age group. I believe the biggest difficulty was of my three doctors, no one told me about post menopause. They only guided mepersonally, in a random way, through menopause. Once I was aware of that mine area, they washed their hands and sent me on my own method.

Nobody ever said that menopause has been just a pre-primer to the remainder of my entire life. I did the research, and Estrogen: A Woman’s Journey in to Post Menopause is the result. I chose a broad selection of girls to read it to see whether it was worth the time and effort to read. The comments back were all amazing! They detract from “Thank Heaven someone is speaking about this” to “Go, Girl! ”

My latest endeavor is The Wired Generation. There are a lot of books available that talk about this creation to adnausium. I would like to write something which is more sensible, down to earth. If folks want the concepts, I’ll point them toward the book authors. Meanwhile, I Would like to p

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