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C.L. Cattano lives in the Midwestern U.S. together with her partner and their dog somewhere between the city and the woods. With a delight for learning about the areas and traveling and her partner have visited many countries and have a passion for meeting people that they see. The areas has met while on her journeys and in her everyday life when possible she enjoys to add testimonials in her job about the things she's learned.

Cattano has a number of creative interests including, but not restricted to, creating art, writing, riding her bicycle, and throwing enormous lesbian parties. She enjoys spending time together with friends and working for LGBT community support endeavors. She considers herself#x2018;Jack of All Trades’ dabbling in what she terms the 'whimsies' that pull her toward happiness and satisfaction.

"Cursed Hearts" is her first published work. Her new series Salvaggio's Light is in the functions along with the novels in the series are all out today!

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