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C.G. Burke was created in a little cabin in the hills of Mendocino County, California. Since then she has grown much older and taller. Where height and age has been a bonus, she's taught school, specifically 8th quality and hasn't run screaming in the building nonetheless. Aside from writing, she enjoys gardening, traveling with her husband, and researching the Pacific Northwest, her residence.

Following a recurrence of breast cancer, '' Burke has chosen to fulfill a lifelong dream of becoming a poor, hungry artist with phrases since her medium. She read someplace that you're supposed to write what you understand, and because she knows a whole lot about middle school, having once herself suffered through it, as well as having guided countless students through their final year as a "tween", she has started her writing debut with a novel directly from her teaching encounters. The Daphne Mortimore series is centered today on the problems that plague school students but composed in a way that any adult appreciate and can relate to. Having a healthy dose of mystery and a dash of humor, Daphne will find out what it takes to be prepared for high school and beyond.

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