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Butch Berardesco, graduating from Asbury Park High at the bottom of his course, is the most improbable writer of the time. Voted the most likely to die before the age of 30, also educated about the roads of the Jersey coast with priorities which valued partying above all else, he quickly fell right into a world of cyclists, drugs and drinking.
Soon after his first child was born, he had a later death experience which should have changed his lifetime it didn't. He remained trapped into a world of drugs and lush living. Five decades after, he overdosed again.
Together With God’therefore winner, he was given a second chance - another time, and began a new life.
Years afterwards, God blessed him with a brand new wife Patricia, also wiith her assistance they began their initial trip to the field of writing, by making a Construction Manual for his given transaction of handrail setup.
Several years afterwards, he felt motivated to write: “The Genesis Chip” which has now been retitled, “The Genesis Incident”. This time-travel action/adventure book, takes you through the exciting days of Creation. With his wife by his side, then they enjoyed several hours of rewriting and editing and were able to achieve a 5 star rating on Amazon. See the testimonials at
The Berardesco team only finished a brief story prequel entitled “A.K.A.. The Vapor". Follow the funny travel of Madison Marino,since she transforms herself into Rebecca Weege, one of many colorful characters featured in "The Genesis Incident".
“Face to the ground”, is currently Butch's third composing. It is the authentic account of the raw and unbelievable journey from real-death to real-life. It's now being read and analyzed by inmates to help them overcome dependence and the sin which so easily besets us.
Butch is a typical guy in an extraordinary mission, spreading the word that &q

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