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C.P. Seibt is an artist with varied knowledge in many incredible projects. He's studied several areas, lived and worked in a variety of cultures: with nomads in a desert, with zen monks at a monastery, with professors of one or another campus, with leaders of best 100 companies, worked together with blue collar employees and so called average people, mentoring adults and kids, residing in refugees, liberating contemporary donors, in various extreme situations. He is currently located at the island of Paros, Greece. His workshops, training and training services are rare, stupendously distinctive and valuable, in high need; helping, motivating, and inspiring individuals on how to live the way that they desire. He's the founder of this Nomadic Academy. Among his published works are Stoics including Managers, Management and Machiavelli, The Artist?Artist! Papers and lots of columns. So far.

An significant part his biography is his promise: "You'll master every change".

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