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Some have inquired, who's Ahmed Hulusi, what is his mission?

Ahmed Hulusi was created on the 21st of January 1945, in Cerrahpasa, Istanbul, also was appointed Ahmed by his mother, and Hulusi by his father.

He spent the first 18 decades of his life with no prior religious knowledge, believing only in 'a ' Creator'. As every time Ahmed Hulusi inquired about religion he had been told "do not matter, just do as you are told" he lived a seemingly 'irreligious' life according to his own environment.

Three weeks after his father's passing, about the 10th of September 1963, not able to decrease his mother's desire, he attended Friday prayer, where he felt a massive inspiration and desire to understand the reality of faith. That same day he chose to maintain a state of ablution and committed to performing the prescribed daily prayers (salat).

He pioneered his religious education by studying the eleven amounts of Sahih Bukhari, published from the Turkish Directorate for Religious Affairs, the whole of the al-Kutub al-Sittah, and also the most real Turkish translation of the Quran from the overdue Elmalili, among Turkey's most eminent Quran scholars.

He spent two years project intense studies of the modern sciences. This exceptionally diligent period of education was followed by an period of intensive religious diets and retreats, leading him in 1965 to write his first novel "Reflections" (Tecelliyat). Since it is evaluations at the young age of 21 and a conglomeration of his own perspectives this book holds a significant location for Ahmed Hulusi.

In 1965 he took a solitary trip, much like all of his endeavors, to fulfill his pilgrimage to Mecca (Hajj).

His theory has ever been "Don't be a blind man of anybody! In life, choose and walk your path at the light of the teachings of Muhammad SAW ! &qu

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