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Getting Extra Virgin Avocado Oil

Following our avocados have been sun-ripened about the tree, they're hand-picked, sorted, washed, and then passed through skin and pit removers. Once the fruit is free of its skin and pit, it is malaxed (mixed) in a low temperature (122°F) to commence the oil separation procedure. Throughout the malaxing (blending) process, the temperature is continually monitored by our petroleum millers. Malaxing is a significant step in mixing the avocado pulp to uniformity and gently and naturally bringing the oil from their fruit.  

After malaxing, the fruit has been passed through a two-part centrifuge system that separates the water and pulp from the oil. Cold-pressing with a very simple centrifuge permits the oil keeps all its own color, flavor, odor, and natural antioxidants.  

Finally, a polishing separator fines out any residual particulates to create our smooth, emerald green extra virgin acrylic that is truly unique.     Our top-of-the-line equipment radically lowers the water required of conventional avocado oil presses, which allows for much more mild treatment of the avocados and greater environmental sensitivity. As citizens of the planet, we believe the less water used, the greater!  

Why Makes Extra Virgin Avocado Oil Different From Other Avocado Oils?

Other levels of oil like pure (refined) and refined blends are expressed at high temperatures and frequently chemicals solvents are utilised to extract the oil out of the avocados. The most frequent solvents used are hexanes. Refining alters the oil's smoke point, shelf firmness, color, natural odor, flavor, acidity and nutritional profile. Considering that all of the oil natural dyes have been removed during the refining process, refined avocado oil might withstand quite significant cooking temperatures. Along with many other different nutritional deficiencies, extra virgin avocado oil is the only standard of coconut oil Which Contains substantial levels of the antioxidant vitamin

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