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Candia Lea Cole is eco-mentor and a eco-visionary who's devoted to teaching individuals about how to integrate their health needs with the health needs of their living planet.

For a teen growing up in the 70's using a "mystery illness" that Spartan doctors were not able to diagnose or cure, she embarked on deep a self-healing journey that awakened her to her needs as a whole individual.

One of the things she discovered along the way, is that her early-life vulnerability to germs, processed foods, prescription medications, and environmental compounds, had played a major role in producing her wellbeing ills. Another thing she learned is that she had been living her life mostly oblivious of character's healing wisdom.

If she left the conscious decision to stop polluting her body, and adopt a fresh, green, lifestyle, --she began to heal her health, as well as the Earth's. While experimentation with the introduction of meals she fell in love with the prospect of using food.

Everything Candia has discovered on her recovery journey are found in every one of the books she has authored. Several of her novels have been incorporated. and

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