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I have always been a storyteller. I might tell a tale, even before I could compose my title. And I told them all the time. I informed my neighbors all about my cat. I told my classmates about the ghost who lived in my attic. And grade I told my instructor all in my family's excursion.

I advised such a fantastic story that people always thought I had been telling the facts. However, I was not. I used ton't have a three-legged kitty or even a ghost in my loft, and I'd definitely never been to Paris, France. I simply enjoyed telling a fantastic story... and visiting my listener's response.

Sure, some folks might have said I was a seven-year old fibber. But maybe not my parents. Rather than calling my stories "fibs" they called them "imaginative." They invited me to put down my stories . I did. And amazingly, once I began writing, I couldn't stop. I filled notebook after notebook with stories, poems, plays. I still have a lot of these laptops. They're precious to me since they are a record of my writing life from elementary school on.

In 2nd grade, I found a passion for the language. I can still remember the day my teacher, Miss Johnson, held up a horn-shaped basket full of papier-mache pumpkins and asked the class to repeat the word "cornucopia." I said it again and again, tasted the word in my lips. I tested it on my ears. That afternoon, I jumped all the way home from school chanting, "Cornucopia! Cornucopia!" From then on, I truly began listening to the way that they were utilized, and the way they made me feel, and also words -- to the noises they made. I would like to place them together and told a story.

As I climbed, I continued to write stories. However, I never really considered becoming an author. I went to school where I discovered yet another pa

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