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Cara Natterson is a nurse, adviser, and award-winning author. She grew up in Los Angeles, dreaming of helping others. Following medical school and coaching to be a pediatrician, she returned to her hometown where she worked as a primary care doctor. Her adventures were extraordinary as she discovered firsthand how hard it can be for parents to browse all the information (good and bad) push them. That is when Cara started writing books. In the beginning she concentrated on medical problems, but over the years her composing shifted to the most frequent fears and misconceptions about pediatric health.

Working "The Care and Keeping of You" string has been a career highlight. With more than 5 million copies sold, these publications talk directly into tweens and teenagers, similar to Cara used to do in the office. They provide important information about growing up without generating stress. Today, Cara is a top consultant and speaker at the tween health space.

Cara doesn't only know this subject, she lives it : she's got a 12-year old girl and an 10-year old boy keeping it real. She graduated from Harvard College and the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. To find out more, check out

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