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Capri S Bard is a writer who publishes work from the science fiction, fantasy, and love genres. She resides in Indiana with her loved ones and is a part of the community. When she's not writing, (which is the majority of the time), she's either in the kitchen or garden.
She enjoys spending time with her family, her friends and her beautiful inclusive church, but also finds time to be alone for long walks along with a fantastic book.
Her proudest writing accomplishment to date is her very epic Sci-Fi book, 'For One Nen', which came about due to a nightmare.
Capri writes to 'work out things' in her head as she sets it. She writes out of her overflow of creativity. She writes to the community it attracts. She composes for the attractiveness it produces. She writes for its love.
Capri's mantra is kindness.

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