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Writer Carl Gottlieb is a screenwriter, director, actor, and manufacturer that is occasional. Currently he's an officer with Toni Attell of his book, qualified LITTLE BLUE BOOK FOR FILMMAKERS: A PRIMER FOR ACTORS, WRITERS, DIRECTORS AND PRODUCERS.

He's acted in a significant role in a traditional film (the original M.A.S.H.), led a Beatle (Ringo Starr from the comedy film CAVEMAN), worked together with Steven Spielberg attempting to wrestle with a shark (because co-writer of the screenplay to get JAWS), functioned to make Steve Martin powerful as THE JERK (co-created the story and script together with Martin for his movie debut), composed two bestselling novels with iconic artist David Crosby, among just a few artists to be at the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame using two different groups), scribed the very best book ever about making a movie on place (THE JAWS LOG) and composed with Richard Pryor what The New York Times described as one of the contentious comedians best display function (WHICH WAY IS UP).

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