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Carl Deuker was increased from Redwood City, California, the son of Jack Deuker and Marie Milligan Deuker. As a young boy, he spent many hours from the creek behind his home and in the mountainous area west of his residence. Mainly he kicked with his friend Paul G., looking for frogs and lizards and the occasional snake.

After he started college, Carl continued to roam in the woods above his home but, as he grew old, he engaged in sports. He was good enough to create most teams, but maybe not great enough to play considerably. He describes himself as a classic second-stringer. "I had been too dumb and too short for basketball; I was too small for soccer, too fearful to hang in against a fantastic fastball. So, in my senior year the only game I was still playing was golf."

Carl attended the University of California, Berkeley through the heady days of student protest over Vietnam. He engaged in many of those protests, however, looking back is not so sure how he feels about those days. "Yes, we all students were right about Vietnam. It was a waste. But I'm not sure we knew much of what had been occurring. I thought I knew everything back then, and I cringe to think how little I really knew."

Carl has been an English major at Berkeley, spending several hours studying the classics and writing terrible poetry and slightly greater tales. He engaged in intramural sports in those years also, and was somewhat surprised to find out that he had been, in actuality, an adequate athlete. Being free from coaches and fans allowed him to enjoy the games longer. Throughout his time at Berkeley, he especially appreciated volleyball.

As a grownup, Carl has functioned primarily as a teacher, however he also has had some time at the paper industry. He played basketball and educated volleyball for many decades, but one-too-many sprained ankles compelled him to give up both matches. Carl still loves playing golf early on Sunday morni

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