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Hello! I'm Carl Preston, entrepreneur eBook writer and creator of "Why Don&severe;t One Change?" The ultimate site that is self-development.

My eBooks cover self sustaining topics like meditation, relaxation methods and dieting. I also occasionally print on Books and the articles included by being honest with oneself, are focused on self love. Working on them and identifying our weaknesses is crucial to becoming.

The publications you will find on and under my name on Amazon will take you step by step towards achieving your goals of getting a stronger and much healthier person.

However, to be able to reach your final goal (whether it is losing weight or reducing strain), you will have to learn how to find the required willpower and get rid of all the widely used excuses that separate you from creating the change you desire to really happen.

"Why not change? What prevents you?" - Jiddu Krihnamurthi

Only by looking inside will you discover that many of the motives that prevent us from improving substantially our own lives are laziness and self-deception. Knowing this and fighting your acquired habits will enable you towards attaining goals you have never thought being capable of.

During my novels and the motivational advice found on Why Don&severe;t You Change? You make use of it improve your life and will become aware of your willpower that is normal.

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