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Pam and Carlos LoPopolo reside in Bastrop Texas on just a little parcel of land with their friends; three dogs, Bob, Mindy, and Trish, 2 cats Molly and Terry, three hens (the hens all look alike so they're difficult to mention), two donkeys, Bella and Storm, and two horses, Bliss, and Crackers. They all live together in harmony most of the time but, sometimes. When they're not enjoying the bright sunlight of even the sunsets or Central Texas they are considering where #x & Zobo 2019;s are moving . Carlos maintaining wild horses and has been rounding up. He's established two horse maintains in New Mexico. Together with his wife Pam they're attempting to raise enough cash to purchase land here to start up another horse preserve. They aren't asking for contributions, which is the reason the Zobo series is being written by them. Through the development of the film project and the selling of the novels, they expect to raise sufficient money to purchase land for a new preserve.

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