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I set out to write this book because there were a lot of people who had been searching for assistance...

I started out with a great deal of faith in my logic skills, honed during a 20-year career as an global computer consultant.

Therefore I immediately climbed through the levels of the game until I hit Mensa's Absolutely Nasty Sudoku series, where I was looking to find myself suddenly boggled, flummoxed and completely discombobulated. I'd do a bit, and then...I simply didn't know what to do next. The Horror! Moi? Beaten? Never!

However, I was not interested in studying x-wings and so on. I just persevered in implementing logic and organisation to the game and, over the course of the last few years - and a lot of hours when I have been doing other stuff - I exercised the process out of what I saw happening on the grid to the point where I was constantly undergoing that lovely 'I win' feeling.

I really don't get every mystery right first time - hello nobody's perfect - but I triumph in the long run!

And that I still love playing the sport! So I hope you'll appreciate the hours of enjoyment you'll have with this cunningly deceptive simple, and completely addictive sport.

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