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I've been writing since I could hold a crayon! I wrote and illustrated books and teddy bears! All these "books" consisted of a page of studying paper tucked into fourths and full of words and vivid crayon examples. Then, I graduated to writing imaginative stories in regular school. A teacher phoned my mum to ask whether there actually WERE gypsies living in our woods! A vivid imagination is a wonderful thing! My book comes in the mountains of West Virginia from years of study. Mike, my husband, also that I love to wander the roads and talk to the folks we meet. In the process, we hear ways in the hills and stories of the people and so many fascinating tales. As I could, I wanted to record as stories and folkways so that they are kept to relish. This publication, "Mountain Mists: Appalachian Folkways of West Virginia," is really a book to be read and appreciated on a cold, rainy night while the branches lash against the window along with a fire burns bright at the fireplace. I love to go cycling on the RailTrails in nice weather with my spouse in Pennsylvania and West Virginia. This is a superb way to see wilderness regions that are out-of-the-way in which the railroads hauled timber, coal, and other raw materials throughout the river valleys. Writing, reading, growing things, and biking are my hobbies! My granddaughter, Kaya Valentina, is my passion! I have written several books on geographical themes, also. I've composed books on Bahrain for Chelsea House, New Zealand, and Ethiopia.

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