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"Our reviewer declared this book reflects some of the best writing about science to the non scientist he has encountered in the last few years. The focus, of course, is the foot and the author supplies an impressive collection of facts, statistics and stories about it, along with a whole lot of history, etymology and ethnic perspective." --American Association for the Advancement of Science

"Except for putting on socks and shoes or trimming toenails, people pay attention to their feet. After all, feet would be the anatomical entity in the mind—literally. Health author Rinzler lifts the humble human foot into new heights in this attractive book. Soliciting assistance from the fields of evolutionary science, art, history, etymology, literature, and biomechanics, Rinzler shows how the human anatomy is more than a potential homesite for calluses and corns or a conglomeration of tissues. Its distinctive design (the adducted position of the big toe, plantigrade only real and firm arches) allows individuals to stand on two legs and also remain upright—not a simple job. Bipedal locomotion (whether walking or jogging) is even more challenging as well as amazing. In our evolutionary growth, a reliable set of feet and upright posture preceded the emergence of our large brains. Conditions such as flatfeet, constipation, arthritis, and clubfoot receive tons of attention in the publication. Foot fetish, the Oriental custom of binding toes, and the usage of toes as symbols get discussed, too. Leonardo da Vinci wrote, 'The body is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art' He got that right." --Tony Miksanek --Booklist

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