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When she was a tiny woman, Carol's mother was hoping she'd become the next Shirley Temple because she had naturally wavy hair. It turned out to be a curious wish because Carol could not hold a tune, act or dance. What Carol wanted, from as far back as she could remember, was to become a dog trainer and a writer. After trying different things along the way, teaching school, employed as a private investigator, typing the identical letter over and above to get a charity, then she finally did get both her wishes. Her novels have won many fans and several awards, for that she is very grateful. But most satisfying is that she's been able to assist dogs behave better, make smarter and be more fun because of their people and that she's been able to mine exactly what her mother used to call her "overactive imagination" and tell stories for people to read after - or rather of - a hard afternoon's work. She still can not sing, act or dance, but some few individuals believe she can compose and she keeps this illusion herself.

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