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I was a teacher of psychology, writer, crafts person and cake long before I became a woodworker. As a teacher, I took pleasure in helping pupils understand the intricacies of individual behaviour. As a writer, I specialized in senior care and caregiving, finding new methods to assist individuals with their scenarios. As a crafts person, I liked creating beautiful and useful objects from cloth, wool, and other delicate fabrics. As dessert decorator, I developed my own style of cake "sculpture", recreating objects, wine, wine bottles and many different things out of raw materials.

When I began working with the scroll saw, I understood that there have been enormous possibilities with this comparatively secure, user-friendly tool. I had been fascinated by the use of this scroll saw to make bowls which seemed as though they had been turned on a lathe, but far more just. Using my crafts heritage, I began to create bowls using fabric effects like plaids and gingham, bowls using swags, and bowls using interesting shapes. I took notes on all of my projects, and utilized them to compose a book that could introduce other people to the joy and fun of creating bowls using the scroll saw. As I continue my work, I come full circle, returning to helping and teaching, but in a fresh and exciting location.

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