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Carla Diana is a product designer who enjoys living as close to the future as you can. She operates on jobs in areas such as domestic robots, mobile devices and kitchen appliances that are sentient, combining experience in industrial and interaction design to produce solutions that bridge the gap between the electronic and the physical.

In addition to her work at product designing, Carla writes and lectures extensively on the subject of innovative engineering and is presently a faculty member at the University of Pennsylvania's Integrated Product Design Program where she made the first “Smart Objects” courses.

Carla comes with a knack for translating innovative ideas into something that everybody can understand, while displaying her enthusiasm for robotics and new technologies. Her writing experience includes five years at Good Housekeeping Magazine, in which she wrote Buyer’s Guide stories to help readers compare and comprehend electronic products. Her latest post, & #x201c; Discussing, #x201d & Walking Objects;, appeared at January 2013, and is a fantastic representation of her view of our future.

LEO that the Maker Prince is her most recent project aimed at bringing an appreciation and comprehension of 3D printing to crowds of all ages.

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