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Carol Tavris is a social psychologist, author, and lecturer whose objective is to promote psychological science and critical thinking in improving our lives. She's coauthor, with Elliot Aronson, of "Mistakes Were Made (But Not by ME): Why we justify foolish beliefs, poor choices, and hurtful acts." Her other big books include the landmark "Anger: The misunderstood emotion," a novel well known for its important look in unvalidated theories regarding the inevitability of anger and the necessity to "ventilate" it, and also how anger can be uttered. She is also author of this award-winning "The Mismeasure of Woman: Why girls aren't the better sex, the sexual intercourse, or even the other gender," and coauthor of two popular textbooks, together with Carole Wade, for introductory psychology. She has written countless books and book reviews on subjects in mental science, and it is a highly regarded lecturer who has spoken to groups across the world, from New Zealand into Finland. She's a Fellow of the American Psychological Association and a Charter Fellow of the Association for Psychological Science and a member of the editorial board of the APS journal "Psychological Science in the Public Interest."

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