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Hi I am Caroline creator of EmpoweRN
Thank you for seeing my author page!
Please let me to inform you a little bit about myself:
I'm presently a nurse and I believe it is a miracle that I am able to place RN behind my name, not as much practice as a prosperous nurse... with all my co-worker think that I have always been extremely clever ;-RRB-
You see; in the 8th grade, I had been told that I had a learning disability & I had been held back an entire calendar year.
I fought also greatly through high school, needing to go to summer school every year except one and graduated with a C typical.
I never believed I'd go back to college and I did not for five years....
When I decided I wanted to be a nurse however... I was determined to find a way.
It began rough and I needed to even take remedial classes to get up to the college degree.
However, my heart was really in to it '' I had a strange feeling deep down inside I was destined to conquer these significant obstacles & achieve this fantasy.
Needless to say, I managed to come up with a way to use to nursing school with a 3.7 gpa and also graduated nursing college with honors.
It was not till the afternoon after I passed the NCLEX examination in 75 questions (the minimum needed to pass) that I realized that I could possibly help other people with what I had heard.
Ever since then in June 2008, it became my mission to help others attain their goal of being a nurse also.
I'm so humbly grateful to declare that I have been able to help thousands of individuals exactly like you throughout my novels, videos, programs, audios and emails...
The links that I get from each of you is what I live for... so thank you for being there & I want to know how matters have assisted you.
My hope for you is that you're wildly successful in nursing school, as a nurse & in every other endeavor you seek later within this particular lifetime. <

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