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Carolyn was among you with all the seeds planted in her head of the that came with subject, or phrases such as spanking. As with you, those types of phrases and ideas and feelings elsewhere connected the blush of her lips, which got more and more interesting the old she got.

I bet you know exactly what I am referring to.

Like some, she started writing down these thoughts, escaping into brief stories of reluctant heroes prepared to choose some one they enjoy hand when it is for her own good... and more dark thoughts because her creativity matured.

And like some, she began sharing her writings in newsgroups once she gained some optimism.

There's nothing like this perfectly-turned term, the handful of phrases which may make a feeling wash over you. And Carolyn does -- although if you're reading this you have a few extreme feelings that most of the world doesn't know, and she writes those passions with wondrous abandon. Her specialties are somewhat Adult Ageplay and Spanking Romance, so we've grouped the numerous illustrations of her work that way.

Spanking Romance Classics are sweeping love stories which dare (at a very un-PC way) to allow their heroine to feel the particular love of a powerful man who'll take her hand if it is ideal for her. Carolyn writes stories and very rich characters which are excuses to jump to scene. In the event you are intrigued by the tango of chasing ardor strikes you, as well as also the head-rush of Adoring Discipline, then you will love Carolyn's tales!

Priceless Love
1. Priceless (2013)
2. Love's Possession (2013)
3. Sudden Love (2013)

2. Tessa's Wedding (2013)

Thornton Brothers
1. AJ's Hope (2014)
2. Beau's Wish (2014)
3. Cade's Wish (2014)


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