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Carolyn is a career science techer. She resides with her husband in a little town in Northern Mississippi. Their easy household of two occasionally swells during family gatherings to hotel status that needs three big tables for a sitdown meal. In between family parties and toddlers occasions, she loves writing about science.

Her writings are somewhat unconventonal because she's skeptical of Darwinian evolution and ages of centuries. She sees massive deposits of oil, coal, and gasoline solid evidence for recent global events that produced states -- such as trillions of all fossils; and heavy sedimentary layers throughout the earth.

She thinks it is a disservice to students to restrict historical accomplishments to name, date, and discovery. Their lifestyles were often amazing, interesting, and of terrific consquence to future generations although scientists were individuals. Her writings incorporate nature of science scientific content, history of science, and worldviews. This is achieved in ways of making science exciting, uplifting, thought-provoking, and more relevant.

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