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Carolyn recovered herself over years ago. Her own recovery is a primary element in her comprehension of and establishing with her clients. Carolyn served for hospital applications but recognized the need to have a atmosphere for treatment to happen. She made her distinctive program to serve that purpose.

Her unique mix of expertise, training, and passion have contributed Carolyn to nationwide recognition, as have her achievements within the area of eating disorders. She is a frequent speaker at national disorder conferences and is a member of several national eating disorder associations. Carolyn is on the editorial board of "The Eating Disorder Journal of Treatment and Prevention" and writes on topics pertaining to eating disorders for a variety of magazines and publications. Carolyn is also the author of Your Dieting Daughter two novels and The Eating Disorder Sourcebook. Carolyn remains versed in biological, developmental, ethnic and mental levels.

Along with Monte Nido, Carolyn is also director of The Eating Disorder Center of California, that gives her way of recovery within an intensive day-treatment program. Despite overseeing her clinics and participating in a wide assortment of duties, like becoming a board member of the National Eating Disorder Association (NEDA) and traveling the country lecturing, Carolyn continues to maintain a hands-on strategy in Monte Nido Treatment Center, providing both group and individual therapy.

In Spring 2006, Carolyn will be launching a new affiliate, RainRock, a 10-bed center, located near Eugene, Oregon on the McKenzie River. RainRock will follow the therapy program produced by Carolyn at Monte N's philosophy and protocols

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