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Carolyn Levett is a victim of endometriosis, having treated with the support of diet and a homoeopath. She now runs the Endometriosis Support website site at - that has been on-line for any number of years, and supplies much valued assistance for sufferers of endometriosis from round the world.

The site includes extensive information and articles about natural remedies and self help advice, diet and nutrition, comprehensive advice about symptoms, remedies, laparoscopy advice, list of experts and support groups, success stories from different women, also helpful free mini e-books.

She has since written two endometriosis self books for victims that are:

'Recipes & Diet Advice for Endometriosis - New Edition Updated' March 2013
'Reclaim your life - The Guide to Aid Healing of Endometriosis'

You can also get more routine suggestions, advice and information about endometriosis in the Facebook Page in:

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