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Case Scenario Produces mobile accessories with functionality, design and style in mind.

Creative abilities from around the globe but stocks a singular commitment to producing the maximum quality products by blending European style expertise with innovations from around the world. We have a passion to produce innovative designs without compromising quality, functionality, or imagination.

A Case Scenario product is an ideal balance of three elements: Protection, expression, and cooperation.

Our diverse selection of styles ensures that the very best Case Scenario for each mobile user. Case Scenario's licensing partners and collaborators are among the finest artists, designers and illustrators in the world, their imaginative ideas continue to evolve.

Case Scenario is dedicated to protecting smartphones, tablets, and laptops while still improving the user experience via functional, expressive and innovative design. We'll go above and beyond in what we make for you.

The new Pantone Universe collection for iPhone 5/5s will be here!

Pantone Universe is a design-led assortment of lifestyle goods in colors you love with lots of beautiful colours to pick from.

Keith Haring iPhone 5C Crystal Cases

  • Lightweight Crystal Case
  • Flexible translucent shell
  • Highlights colour and design of this device
  • Complete access to all controllers
  • Impact protection
  • Original brand instance
  • Fits new iPhone

Case Scenerio sets    

  • Pantone Universe
  • Kieith Haring
  • Giovanna Battaglia
  • Alexis Mabille
  • House of Holland
  • Sandra Isaksson
  • Ben
  • Smiley
  • Ya

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