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As a result of greater need for performance and fuel economy, pressures in the present engines have almost doubled over the previous few decades. Greater pressure means more anxiety for the oil and the capacity for further corrosion. As steel to metal contact increases, it causes wear and tear reduces functionality. Underneath the hood, the pressure can attain 10 tons per square centimeter. That is like five automobiles resting on a high heel relying solely on a micro thin layer of oil for security. So you will need a powerful oil to reduce friction, and to assist boost horsepower and fuel economy.

To fight the greater pressures faced in the engines, Castrol® EDGE®  has been engineered using Fluid Titanium Technology that physically changes the way in which the oil acts under pressure. Castrol's patented titanium technology provides recorded performance in friction decrease, anti-wear and deposition management protection.   The titanium-based technology guarantees performance and strength.  

Castrol EDGE is 3X more powerful against viscosity breakdown than the leading full artificial and conventional motor oils*

If you would like the best from your engine, use what is best for your motor. Attempt Castrol EDGE. It is Titanium Powerful for Maximum Engine Performance.

*Tested at the ASTM D6278 test from the 5W-30 viscosity grade.


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