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Cathy Lamb was born in Newport Beach, California. As a kid, she mastered the art of skateboarding, riding on her bicycle, and capturing butterflies from bottles. When she was 10, her parents moved her, 2 sisters, and a brother, and two behaved puppies until she would fulfill her dream of being a surfer bum.

She then embarked on her prominent academic career where she gained good grades now and then, spent a lot of time fretting, ran crazy with a variety of friends, and landed on the paper team at high school. She knew she had found her true calling when she watched her byline above a post about individuals making from the halls of the school.

Following two years of partying in the University of Oregon, she settled down for the subsequent three years and got her mentor’s also master’s degrees in education, also became a fourth grade teacher. She pulled out her red cowboy boots as well as gallop although it was hard for her to develop into conservative and proper. She had no choice. She had to eat, and health care is pricey.

She met her husband on a blind date. A mutual friend who had been an undercover vice cop set up. It had been love at third sight.

Teaching children about the Oregon Trail and multiplication facts amused her till she became so gigantically pregnant with twins she'd looked like a little cow and might scarcely walk. Having a three year old in the home, she decided that it was time waddle out on out and to create a graceful exit. She left school one day and never went back again. She likes to believe her students.

If Cathy was no longer smothered in diapers and pacifiers, she took a turn onto the hazardous street of freelance writing and wrote about 200 articles on homes, dwelling décor, individuals and fashion for a neighborhood newspaper. As she Isn't fashionable and can hard

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