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In Castor and Pollux we gathered a group of specialists in animal nutrition, natural and organic ingredients, packaging, processing, supply, health care medicine, and technology. And lots and a great deal of pet lovers. Our aim was to give parents with healthful choices for cats and their dogs.

Launching in 2000, Castor & Pollux Natural PetWorks has been the first branded quality line of specialty meals for pets. ORGANIX, certified organic food and treats for cats and dogswas introduced in early 2004.

In 2012, Castor & Pollux has been obtained by Merrick Pet Care, Inc. to further enlarge its pioneering efforts in natural and organic pet food. In addition to its very own successful line of food and treats for pets, Merrick is your only U.S. manufacturer certified to make both both canned and dry organic food to pets and now make Castor & Pollux' food to pets. We have a lineup which includes a range of appetizing recipes for cats and dogs of all sizes and life stages and introduced 24 indulgent recipes for cats and dogs. All Castor & Pollux foods for pets are made in the united states.

But we're not met.   As long as there are cats and dogs on the planet, we'll be always looking for methods of making their lives improved through healthful, organic and natural nourishment.  

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