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At four decades old, I freaked out my parents   by waking them at the center of night to ask, “Can we talk about infinity? ” I alarmed the neighbors by declaring unknown pregnancies and even worse, that the father was not the husband! I ceased giving messages to individuals from those who'd passed when I saw this fear and anger in their own eyes, instead of the  happiness I believed it would bring them. I soon learned that keeping my consciousness to myself may ensure I made it to adulthood! I had been aware at a really young age that, however I was in a child’s entire body, I'd lived several lifetimes before. Like many of you, I’ve had extra sensitive abilities and seeking to comprehend them finally led me to pursue a route dedicated to seeking knowledge about my spiritual gifts.

I've endured Catholic college, drugs, sex, rock and roll, hitchhiking cross-country, anti-war presentations, faculty, a few cults, heartbreak, betrayal, psychic experiments, being an ordained minister, treatment, UFO study, horse ownership, travel to a lot of countries, and a career in television and radio. Every encounter taught me exactly what I needed to not just survive, but flourish.

Miraculously, I emerged from a dark and stormy childhood without winding up at a rehabilitation clinic. Though I admit, in my frenzy to escape pain and go through the world, I tried all!
Seeking insight in to just what the hell was happening in my entire life, I read any book I can get my hands on and put myself through school, taking any class that fascinated me (must be why it took so long). Upon research, I realized traditional learning wasn't enough. I yearned for deeper answers and dove into the world of religious teachings, practices and wisdom traditions. Finally I found that the secret, surprise. . .your responses are inside you!

On a quest for fact I left the

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