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Hi my name is Cassie Reese.

I have been studying environmental practices for more than five decades and gradually implementing them into my own life.

For a very long time I felt as if my entire life had no goal. I searched high and low to attempt to find one. I decided to have a sustainability course and attended Arizona State University. This is an introductory course, and also the very first step in my own journey.

Sustainability 101 opened my eyes into the problems of earth. Since they don & #x 2019; t directly affect 28, in the USA and other first world countries, we fall blind to ecological problems. The problem is, they do, and they'll start unless we wake up, getting more and more notable.

Just how frequently do you turn the water on and leave it running before you have a shower?

Frankly, I was able to do so all of the time. I never wondered where it goes after and where the water was coming from. In accordance with home-water-works. Org, the typical American utilizes 17.2 gallons of water each 8 min shower. Consider this:

Should you choose 1 shower each day for 365 days, you utilize 6278 gallons of water JUST on showering each and each year. The frightening part is showering is the biggest water intake activity. That means there are just two ways we wash machines and use water more, those.

The point of this giant rant would be to genuinely get you to think of what you're doing to assist, or more than likely damage the environment.

Help me mend the entire world. For mepersonally, for youpersonally, for our children, and for its future generations.

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