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CC MACKENZIE Is a USA Today bestselling author, which means she no longer does laundry or grocery shopping.

Born in Scotland, she would write her name when she was three and excelling in English. Regardless of failing Math, '' she moved on to a prosperous career in International Banking triumphed in trade fund, which just goes to demonstrate Karma has a hilarious sense of humor. Once upon a time she was dared to dancing with cheer top pompoms to Love Shack from the b-52's on top of a moving truck. She did and she's the pics to prove it.

Readers have dubbed her novels, "made me laugh and made me cry," "sexy," "page turners" all of that have delighted Her enough to put in her bio, but humbled her enough not to inform her H in case he wishes to bring her down a peg or two and make her do her own laundry.

If you fulfill CC in the flesh that you must call her Christine.

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