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Chana Levitan MSc is speaker, an educator, therapist and author with 25 decades of expertise. Her book, "I just want to Get Married Once" is a clear and practical guide to choosing the ideal marriage partner. Through the 10 questions Chana helps her readers to get the insight and clarity necessary to make the decision.

Chana has lectured extensively across the planet on five different continents and has counseled literally tens of thousands of women and men. She's a frequent guest on radio and television, such as WCBS 880 and WLS 890. She believes that a fantastic union has many lives; it really is a dynamic process. This is fantastic truth that couples with 'staying power' show to themselves and to other people; a truth that (sadly) many folks will never understand and Chana is devoted to getting this information across to as many people as possible.

Chana is starting her next publication, "That Is Why I Married You", in April, 2016. This book is a manual for couples to not just learn how to live together with their character differences but to love with their differences. Chana loves nature, music and people; her and her husband grab every opportunity to hike and camp. Among Chana passions is to give people the tools they need to trust themselves and their abilities to create their successful marriages.

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