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Charity Woon is a wife, mother, and full time missionary serving with her husband in Southern Asia. She is a born-again Christian (since 1995) and is enthusiastic about pursuing a closer walk with her Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Charity married her high school sweetheart and was serving the Lord with his side ever since. (Their romance is beautiful. He was the person who shared the Gospel with her) Counseling is one of their favourite ministries. They have three children that Charity instructs in the home.

Charity enjoys teaching, bicycling, artwork, reading, playing with different musical instruments, singing, running, sports, and physical fitness. She is addicted to planning and to adventure. She loves the color green, Krispy Kreme donuts, walks to the beach, and flavored teas. (She would rather kiss a puppy square around the lips compared to drink coffee. No joke.)

She is a regular blogger in the In Her Shoes site at . When her household is at the States, she is a ladies' meeting guest speaker.

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