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"I wasn’t born with a golf club in my hand, but I was reborn with one." Charles Calhoun grew up in Summerlee, West Virginia but that he had been bitten with the golf bug in his early 20s.

Ever since that time, he has been a researcher and teacher of the sport of golf. He is located in Orlando, Florida, and has over 20 years authoring golfing articles, teaching and coaching, and playing golf professionally.

A former contestant on the first Golf Channel "The Big Break" reality series, Charles is a comprehensive researcher at their golf swing, possessing a fine-tuned knowledge of the body and the fold.

His looks are really revolutionary and distinctive, as they're based on the natural movements of the body. When you recognize the muscles and joints work to produce a swing, then it's more easy to create a consistent, repeatable swing that will lower your score.

Charles' favorite quote is from Einstein: "If you can not explain it simply, you do not understand it well enough."

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