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I'm a certified yoga teacher with more than 10 years under my belt. I came into touch at a young age with meditation and yoga. After devoting many years of my entire life to analyzing the deep Eastern teachings, along with a daily yoga and meditation practice, I found an inner peace that I had never experienced before.

We frequently only truly understand something once we have to instruct it to somebody else. This is how I discovered my calling: to share these great teachings .

By reading my novels, you too can now get access to this wonderful benefits and profound growth that yoga, meditation and mindfulness can bring to your life! Not just physically, but mentally and emotionally.

True joy comes in the ability to help others. This is why I feel really lucky that I get to share my passion with all of my students and readers. So many people have already reported feeling happier, much more energetic and fitter! And this amount is growing.

So join me on the trip of self-discovery, and be who you're really destined to be.

Happy reading!

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