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The name is Charity Grant. Except, of course, that it is not.

Charity Grant (as you might have guessed) is a pen name. This is not because I'm ashamed of my own cluttering trends and slug-like exercise regular and want to avoid airing my dirty laundry in public. Nor can I write erotica on the side, which strangely everyone appears to presume when you admit to using a pen name. Nope. No 50 Shades of Clutter for me personally.

Truth be told, I use a pencil name just since my actual name is simply awful for publishing. It has got 12 characters. Six vowels and six consonants, with a hyphen thrown in for complexity, and finishing in an "iy" mix which never seems in basic English. The upshot? Nobody can declare it. And even my best friend can not spell it.

So was born, Charity Grant.

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