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Charles Z. David is the pen-name of a renowned nuclear scientist. Charles had a very interesting scientific profession working for the Israeli Atomic Energy Commission (IAEC). He is the writer or co-author of four scientific books and of over 100 articles in scientific journals and has participated in several international scientific conferences. Charles has struggled as commander of an armored personnel carrier.

He says "My thrillers have intriguing plots and conspiracies, combined with my scientific knowledge and professional experience, to the joy of all readers. My main characters are smart, manipulative and human. My writing is inspired by current affairs, and readers complain that the people are realistic, and terrifying. I try to imagine the unthinkable and may only trust that my plots will remain in the domain of fiction."

Charles Z. David is married to the identical woman, since 1976, and they have three sons and five grandchildren (and still counting). They all live in Israel.

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