Jerry Pallotta

My whole name is Gerard Larry Pallotta but my mother always called me "Jerry". I had been born on March 26, 1953 in Boston, Massachusetts. My mum's name is Mary, and she came from a family of ten children. My dad's name is Joe, and he came out of a group of five kids. My grandparents were immigrants of president. I have the best parents on the planet. They were constantly unselfish and ready to help me. I have four brothers and two sisters: Joey, David, Andrew, Danny, both Cindy and Mickey. I have seventy-two original cousins. If I was growing up, you can find...KIDS EVERYWHERE!

My family moved to Medford, Massachusetts when I was young. I went to elementary school at Mt. Trinity Academy, not far from where my publication can be found in Watertown, Massachusetts. I have never wrote a novel in elementary school, and we never kept journals. In the neighborhood where I grew up, virtually every household had seven to nine children. I guess that you could say that there were...KIDS EVERYWHERE!

I went into high school in Boston College High School, a Jesuit all-boys school in downtown Boston. The priests and also teachers were really wonderful. I played football and ran track. I had a excellent high school experience and that I believe later it made my studies at college much easier. My sons Neil and Eric graduated from Boston College High School in 2001 and 2003. Neil was appointed after a teacher I'd had, Fr. Neil Callahan, S.J. I never wrote a novel in high school, and that I never wrote to the school newspaper. I was too timid and was afraid of what other kids would think.

After high school I went to Georgetown University at Washington, D.C. I majored in business, a subject that will help me later in life once I decided to publish my first publication. In Georgetown, I met with my wife, Linda. In school I was an average student and was captain of the Georgetown University Rugby Team. I never wrote for the school newspaper, and I never imagined writing books. A couple of years after, Li

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