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"The pages of a book are a key journey for a single person alone; every reader's translation and passage through the words will probably differ compared to their fellow reader" Cherie Mitchell.

This understanding shaped my childhood, as I traveled grew, and at times hid from the real world, through the scanning of novels. And I genuinely think the ability to read is one of the most empowering gifts there is. I'm thrilled to now, in the guise of author, impart my knowledge and thoughts to the readers of the publications. And I trust my readers will acquire insight, pleasure and perhaps even another way to look at life during the consumption of my own words.

My entire life thus far has taken me through many adventures from an idyllic childhood in the organic New Zealand outdoors to crossing the Tasman to reside in Australia (double) to having good tragedy, grief and unbelievable miracle and joy. And throughout my journey I have not hesitated from accepting unknown measures to trace my heart and follow my own dreams. I hope my books invite you to do exactly the same.


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